Osram are getting out of fittings and fixtures to focus on “Smart Lighting”

In the past few years, we have seen lots of changes in the lighting industry but considered 1 of the top brands along side Philips and GE, Osram are about to see another change to their business strategy.

2 years ago, Osram sold its lamps department and this week has announced that it will also cease operations of the department that produces all their luminaires.

The reason for this has been quoted so that they can focus on “Smart Lighting”.

Smart Lighting is mostly described as products in the industry that can connect to each other via the internet and be controlled by such devises as smartphones and tablets. Examples of this is the Philips Hue range of light bulbs or products by Rako Controls.

LED technology has been known to disrupt the market in this period and China is considered a big factor in this decision as they are able to produce similar products at a fraction of the cost to the end users.