EU Ban on halogen bulbs to come into effect imminently!!

Based on a decision that was made back in September of 2016 and delayed for 2 years to allow the improvement and price decline of LED light bulbs, the EU are expected to implement a ban on ALL halogen bulbs by the end of the month.

The reason behind this is to reduce the amount of energy that is consumed.

What does this mean for the end user?

  • From a price perspective, on average a halogen bulb costs around the £2 point and the entry level LED bulb averages £4 so nearly double but there are benefits to the upgrade.
  • Halogen bulbs tend to use a high level of wattage, in some cases GU10 light bulbs are 50 watt compare to their LED counterparts which rarely go as high as 10 watt.
  • These lower wattage bulbs also give out the same if not more at a fraction of the energy usage which means lower energy bills.
  • Also these products require a manufacturers warranty so any products that fail will be covered usually within 2 years for a free replacement.
  • They are also designed to last longer than halogens from a normal usage standpoint. Halogens are usually 1000 hours compared to the 15000 hour LED.

According to a survey by LEDvance, 2 out of 3 people were unware that is ban was coming into effect and has been pushed by the E.U and the UK government.

The European commission website have said:

“This phase-out in 2018 will have the advantage of offering greater monetary savings for European consumers and help the environment.

“This is in line with the Energy Union priority of improving Europe’s energy efficiency, with the final goal of ensuring secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy.”

It added: “Halogen lamps are very inefficient.”

This is also not the first time that light bulbs have been the under the focus of a ban. Back in 2009, traditional incandescent light bulbs were banned and consumers were urged to focus their sights on halogen technology.

Although were most workplaces have already opted for the LED lighting most households have been reluctant  due to their harsh light output and buzzing/flickering when being dimmed.

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