Millennials are changing remote work

Improving technology and changing expectations of work and family from millennials are giving rise to a new office arrangement: the coliving/coworking space, often on the beach but always somewhere far away. It’s like WeWork meets an upgraded hostel (in paradise) with free coffee, fast internet, a kitchen and quiet spaces, along with all the serendipitous meetings and experiences that make travel great. Leading the charge are companies like Selina, Outsite and Roam, which are opening locations across the globe to meet the demands of today’s digital nomads.

I recently interviewed Selina president Yoav Gery about how young people are flocking to coliving and coworking spaces around the world in search of the ultimate work-life balance — think WeWork with surf breaks, cool rooms, and communal living areas. Watch the video and give me your take on this relatively new concept. Also, join LinkedIn’s new group that brings together remote workers, digital nomads or those interested in the lifestyle to discuss new trends and talk about your experiences working on the road. Join here: hashtag#remotework hashtag#digitalnomad hashtag#linkedinvideo hashtag#travel