Black Friday 2019

As everyone is aware, Friday the 29th November 2019 is Black Friday but where did this annual shopping holiday come from?

Doing the research, according to Wikipedia the term ‘Black Friday’ sales can be traised back to Philidelphia in 1961 which at this time it was not widely known by this name as the holiday can be followed back to further to 1951.

This is the Friday after Thanksgiving and in America, this was regarded as the start of the Christmas Shopping Season. The aim was for this weekend to become the time that retails could aim to start to show a profit.

Nowadays though it is used as a way that retails can offer crazy discount which in the past have led to insane videos appearing on the Internet showing shopper close to fighting each other off to get the ‘Amazing Offers’.

That brings us to ourselves. No different to other retailers, we here at The Internet Retailer will be also be offering great saving for our new and loyal customers on platforms such as eBay, Amazon and

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