A world Pandemic – Covid-19 aka Coronavirus

As we are all aware now, the world has changed for the time being.

We are in the midst of a global pandemic which unfortunately is very contagious and symptoms are very serious for a variety of the population.

With all public areas being shut and online resellers being the source for all the items we require on a day to day basis, we here at The Internet Retailer will be doing our part to ensure a continuous supply is possible where possible.

Dispatch times may be affect for such brands as Trendi Switch, Integral LED, Endon, Saxby and Varilight but only by a day delay.

Oak lighting products that are not in stock will be unavailable until such time that the manufacturer deems the situation ok to re-open their doors.

Whilst Amazon focus only fulfilling priority items from the warehouses such as medical equipment and daily essentials, we will be taking over the dispatch of items we supply them diretc from our warehouse in East Sussex.

During this time, we ask our loyal customers to bare with everything, expect deliveries to be a little longer due to the increased online demand and most importantly stay safe & stay home. If we all do what we can, we can get through this.