Keep your garden looking fresh this summer!

The Gardi Automatic 360 Degree 3 Arm Rotating Sprinkler System is just what you need to keep your garden looking fresh this summer.

In the current pandemic and the extra time spent at home this summer, a lot of garden renovation has occurred. This sprinkler is perfect for keeping that fresh new turf watered and keeping your garden watered.

The Gardi sprinkler has a crescent shape design for ground stability and with a Diameter 210mm x Height 100mm. It is made of a high quality ABS + Plastic.

With adjustable heads it can spray in different direction depending on your requirements.

The 3 arm automatic constant can spray 360 degree with a rotating action. No other auxiliary power equipment is required. Just the pressure from your water supply.

With standard pipes and water pressure of 2.5bar, the spray diameter can reach up to the 32ft in distance.

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