The Internet Retailer gets a Volkswagen iD.3

Here at the Internet Retailer Ltd we are are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint whether it be via recycling all packing that comes through our company where possible or in the case of our vehicles, going 100% electric!!

In addition to the 2 Tesla Model 3’s we already have, we are happy to announce a new EV to our fleet from Volkswagen. The iD.3 150kW Style Pro Performance 62kWh 5 door Automatic.

In the video above, we have done a quick walk-around of the feature that this vehicle has at delivery but upon spending some time using it we have found so cool little features you wont see at first glance.

When charging – when the car is plugged in to charge there is a thin line that appears inside the vehicle below the window. This displays the level of charge and the cool feature is that the end that represents the used charge slowly pulses to show the charge “going in”

At night – At night is when the car really shines. Upon unlocking the car, you are treated to the wing mirrors extending and projecting a logo onto the floor which is a nice touch.

You are also then shown that around the dashboard in all the grooves a discrete blue illumination which really makes the interior pop.

Another touch at night is the front lamps. When you unlock the car the main lamps raise and have a look around as if the car is waking up and vice versa when locking the lamps dip as if going to sleep again. An LED strip runs across the full face for the face.

The range – One delivery the dash shows a range of 313 mile available. Don’t be fooled by this. Depending on your driving style and the range you do every day this will re calibrate accordingly. We estimate at this moment when the air con is on and the weather is warm the car has been showing anywhere from 212 – 260 mile available.

Only downside is that at delivery your are only supplied as standard with the Type 2 to Type 2 charge cable so be ready to fork out at least £140 for the 13 amp cable for when you go places that don’t offer any type 2 charging.

We look forward to testing the limits of this car over the coming years and will keep you up to date on any new and exciting additions to our electric fleet.