new year top products to watch out for

The new year has arrived and to light up the nights to come these are my top 5 products for the new year


Product Number 1 –  the 1st product on our list is the DAR Ceros, only just out, this item is extremely modern and has a great unique style that I just love. It’s nothing like any other light and has just a great feel about it. Defiantly one to watch for in 2017




Product Number 2 – The next product on my list is the Griffin by Elstead this item has a massive throwback feel to it. It almost makes you feel like you are in the 1920’s yourself, the warm yet illuminating glow it gives off, creates a great atmosphere for relaxing.



Product Number 3 – product number 3 is the fantastic XLED home 2 by steinel, this light is sleek and modern and sits very nicely on any wall, it also gives off a whopping 1608 lumens on a 140 degree angle of coverage. This makes the XLED home 2 one of the best sensory flood lights on the market at the moment, one of my personal favourite things about this product is that it is extremely durable and has an energy consumption of just 20 watts this means that it extremely cheap to keep running and wont cost a fortune in electricity bill.


Product Number 4 – This product called the luna by the fantastic lighting company hinkley is just a small light but creates quite a big style statement as this light looks fantastic and can be used extremely effectively if positioned in the right place. This light is also dimmable so it can really set the mood. Love it.



Product Number 5 – number 5 on this list is the only table light on this list and it deserves a spot being the provence element table lamp by elstead again this table lamp is so simple yet stylish and just looks like it always belonged in whatever position it is placed, just perfect for a bedside reading lamp or a desk light for your computer. This light is so versatile that is what makes it great.


Thank you for reading my top 5 products you should have a look at to start 2017 everyone at the internet electrical store hopes you have a fantastic 2017