Varilight Switches & Sockets – Top 10 FAQs



Varilight Frequently Asked Questions


You may have recently seen emails offering discount on the Varilight range of switches and sockets and may be asking yourself who are Varilight and will their products work for my requirements? As we get lots of these questions we thought it would be helpful to answer some of them for you! Here are the top 10 Varilight FAQs:

1) What are classic, screwless and ultra-flat plates? 
Standard Plate, sometimes known by manufacturers as Beveled Edge, is a traditional style of switch. It protrudes approximately 1-1.5 cm (1/3 Inch to a 1/2 inch) from the wall, has the screws visible towards either end of the plate.

Screwless Plate is a more modern, design. Screwless Switches & Sockets tend to protrude about .75 cm (0.3 inch) from the wall. The screws are still there, but the switch is designed to have a face plate that clips firmly and easily over them, creating the sleek, screwless effect.

Ultra Flat Plate is designed to be as close to flush with a wall as possible. Ultra Flat Plates protrude 1 or 2 mm (1/16 – 1/8 of an inch). The design of Ultra Flat Plate has twin screws visible to either side of the switch.

Other than this change in visual style, similarly rated switches throughout the Varilight range are identical in terms of electrical specification, quality, length of life and manufacturers guarantee.

2) How many finished does the Varilight rage come in? Varilight have over 30 different finishes and plate style to choose from, you can see them all here.

3) What does the word “gang” mean? Gang is simply electrical jargon for the number of switches or sockets on a particular fitting. 1 Gang defines that there is a single switch. 2 Gang refers to two, and so on.

4) Do i need a specific dimmer of LED bulbs? Yes the Varilight V-Pro, V-Pro IR & V-Com ranges are specifically designed to work with LED bulbs. You must make sure that you purchase dimmable LED bulbs otherwise they will not work.

5) What is an intelligent dimmer? Intelligent dimmers include features that standard dimmers usually will not. They are in place to extend the life of the lamps and the dimmer by protecting against overloads and spikes in the circuit. The features include soft start and overload protection.

6) I would like to fit a dimmer module in to an existing plate, is that possible? Yes, Varilight have a range of replacement module that you are able to retrofit into most existing dimmer plates.

7) What is soft start? Varilight intelligent dimmers (V-Plus,  V-Pro and V-Com) all have a soft start feature as standard. When the dimmer is turned on, it will slowly bring the lights to the set level over a period of around a second. This is designed to extend the life of both the lamps and the dimmer but preventing any spikes on start up.

8) What is the maximum distance that the infrared remotes will operate from? Varilight infrared controls can operate from up to 10 metres but the further away you get from the dimmer, the more direct the line of sight must be.

9) What is the powergrid range? The Varilight Power Grid range allows you to custom build the switch you require. Start by selecting a plate – choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 or 12 gang. The required frame (the internal part of the switch) will be supplied with the plate. Then select any combination of modules you require – 1 module for every gang available in the plate you have chosen – it’s that simple!

10) Where can i buy them? The Internet Retailer is an official authorised re-seller of Varilight! You can find them on The Internet Electrical Store or The Internet Lighting Store, if you would like a quote please call us on 01342 821433 or email


You can view the full Varilight range here