Over the past few years in this industry we have seen new light sources and new forms of lighting in all shapes and forms and of course the revolution of LEDS….well now there is a solution from the standard and boring light switch that we see each day as now there is TRENDISWITCH which is a range of unique and patented products that will transform your projects.

“Defined by Design.”

The company started in with the excellent name of Trendiswitch (also known as ‘Trendy’ or ‘Trendi’) and released a new range of Electrical Light Switches, Plug Sockets, Dimmer Switches and Electrical Wiring accessories that the lighting and interiors industry had never seen the likes of before. Their main objective from the beginning has always been to: “bring a design led functional product to the worldwide market place that is similar in price to historical dated and ugly wiring accessories, such as your ‘conventional’ light switch and plug socket.”Trendiswitch White 2

The normal run of the mill everyday light switch has been the same now for a decade and even architects and designers who design these big modern houses, always put in the standard historical light switch and socket. However Trendiswitch decided to introduce something to revolutionise the interiors market; a designed product that is aesthetically pleasing and functional which will add a sleek and modern finish to your home.

Not only do the switches have a high-gloss finish (which is very ‘in’ at the moment) but they come in a range of four colours:

•    White
•    Black
•    Gold
•    Silver

The switches are also extremely easy to install, so you can replace all your existing switches with the new one without additional wiring. They are also manufactured from fireproof ABS plastic which is easy to clean and does not fade over an extended period. CE Certified and as they are not made of metal they don’t require earthing.

Even with the introduction of ‘air chargers’ and charging pads built into table tops and furniture, Trendi believe that the light switch and plug socket are here to stay and will continue to be used for the foreseeable future and I have to agree with them, as we recently met the owners at Clerkenwell Design Week and they caught our eye immediately and how striking they look and easily they can transform a room setting.

The way that Trendiswitch have grown is by constantly listening to the feedback they get from the public at events, exhibitions and through comments also to their stockists and that way they invest a lot of time into product development to expand and improve their ranges product by product.

Latest Products

So far in 2016, the company has focused on single plug sockets with USB, along with datagrid plates and 4, 6 & 8 gang rocker switches on double plates and then true to form exhibited their products at exhibitions, so that they could get a feel for what the public thought.

Now they are going to take it even further by using our ONLINE LIGHTING EXHBITION HALL to market and promote their ranges to our vast database and we are excited to be working with them.

Recently at the famous Light + Build show in Germany they were a huge hit and the amount of interest and orders since has been a huge success and now they are set to grow even bigger this year.

At the Home Improvement and Grand Designs shows – they got a variety of responses from these and with their innovative designs and forward thinking plans we expect to see great things happening now with the specification industry.

Further also  to their launch at Light + Build they have also brought  out a long switched version of the single plug socket which seems to be more popular that its shorter counterpart. Both plugs come in the same four colours as listed above.

Earlier in the year, they added the intermediate switch and the 2TV socket to their extensive range so if you want to transform your project and make your lighting scheme even better then contact Trendiswitch on the number below or visit their website