Tips for Home Improvements

When you are in the process of renovating your home there are lots of aspects to take into consideration.

Below are some areas you may wish to think about when making the decision to improve your lighting.

1. Update your outdoor lighting – when choosing lighting fittings for the exterior, you need to ensure that they are aimed at areas that can expanded the reach of the light. Aiming your bulbs at dark surface may seem like a good idea but you will find that it absorbs the light and doesn’t help illuminate as much as you would think. Also are the fittings designed to take the constant battering of the weather. If you live near a coast you may wish to avoid “steel” appearance lights in exchange for a polycarbon plastic light.

2. Choosing the correct light bulbs – When the advent of LED light bulbs, colour temperature choices have become more vast. You will need to get used to terms such as warm, cool, daylight whites and kelvins and lumens. Depending on the manufacturer the advertising choices may vary but at the core they are all the same information. The 2white” or kelvins are going to be your main choices when deciding which bulbs to have in what room. Examples could be the a kitchen will have a cool or daylight white which will make everything in the room more visable for working in where your warm white can be saved for rooms such as the living or bedrooms where you want to relax and the colour will not be as harsh on your eyes all the time. Once you have decided this you then need to review the Lumens to ensure chosen bulbs can illuminate your desired area.

3. Update your indoor fixtures – For most new build properties, you would hope that the lighting has been designed based on the latest technology but in older homes you will have a few things to review before you make any decisions. Bulb types and functionality can be a key factor. You need to decide on if you are going to upgrade LED bulbs? Are you going to want to dim? Are the bulbs dimmable? Do you have a LED dimmer and is the backbox in your wall deep enough? Is you lighting a 1, 2 or Intermediate setup? If you are buying integrated LED fittings, are these advertised as dimmable? What colour temperature is the light output?

4. Is recessed lighting for you? – Recessed lighting can be very neat but not the best when trying to illuminate the darkest corners of your rooms. Where possible you may want to consider a hanging pendant with a GLS style bulb to get a larger expansion of the light that rooms requires or alternative, cleverly positioned floor lights can also help when illuminating the dark corners. Products from brands illucio are perfect for being discrete at doing this task.