Spooky season at The Internet Retailer ðŸ‘ŧ🎃




It is spooky season at The Internet Retailer so to get in the spirit we have taken this opportunity to showcase an array of our products in those seasonal associated colours










A few of our personal highlights!


Poduct of the week

Gardi Orange Serrated Garden Hedge Comfort Grip Shears

  1. 🍃 Serrated Blade
  2. 🍂 Comfort Grip
  3. ðŸŒą Ideal for cutting and shaping
  4. ðŸŒŋ 1 Year Warranty
  5. ðŸŠī Notched for cutting thicker stems


Trendi 2 Gang Artistic Modern Glossy 13 Amp USB Switch Plug Socket In Plum (purple!)

  1. Easy to install socket (simply replace old socket no additional wiring)
  2. Fireproof ABS plastic module casing, good quality plastic face plate, which will not fade
  3. Easy clean product, which keeps it looking as good as new
  4. 5 Year Guarantee


Oaks 1x60w Antique Brass Green Bankers Table Lamp

  1. Only ÂĢ80.95
  2. Weight: 1.7kg
  3. Antique Brass style
  4. Multi funtional


Illucio Decorative Indoor Ambient Table/Floor GU10 Uplighter Lamp

  1. Designed to illuminate the dark corners of your room.
  2. Descrete and easy to position behind your furniture
  3. Complete with Inline Switch
  4. Available in four different finishes
  5. 1 year manufacturers guarantee.