New Advice for Dimming Halogen Lighting

The use of LED lighting is growing rapidly and is becoming the main focus in lighting, but millions of halogen bulbs are still sold each year and their use in the UK remains widespread. Although halogen bulbs are often relativity cheap they also suffer from high failure rates.

The main cause of halogen failure is when they are turned on quickly but a conventional on/off switch which blows the bulb. The fix for this problem is to use a soft-start dimmer switch which slowly raises the power when the light is turned on. This gives the bulb time to warm up gradually therefore reducing the stress on the bulb when it is turned on and reducing the failure rate of halogen bulbs

So, for the best results with halogen lighting, choose the Varilight V-Plus series intelligent dimmers which feature soft-start to regulate the power supplied when the dimmer is first switched on. V-Plus dimmers are suitable for both 1- and 2-way circuits. In a 2-way circuit the dimmer is used in conjunction with a regular switch but the soft‐start feature of the dimmer still regulates the power when the switch is used to turn on the lights.

Varilight have now brought out the IQP1001W for large halogen loads up to 1000W as part of their halogen dimming range. The dimmer comes in a white plastic and it is recommended to use this dimmer in place of the HQ9W dimmer for halogen bulbs

All our touch and remote control dimmer series feature soft start and so are also suitable for halogen loads in 1-way and 2‐ or multi‐way circuits in conjunction with dimming slaves.

When using 1 way circuits the V-Dim series offers a perfect budget solution for dimming halogen lamps. The V-Dim series also offers life prolonging benifits similar to that of the V-Plus series as reotary dimmers start on their minimum setting allowing the user to raise the power/brightness of the bulb gradually, this is effectively a manual soft start system. Varilight are now introducing a 1000W rotary dimmer with the part code TQR1001W