EU to spend £4m designing a modular light fitting

The European Union is to spend £4m (€4.3m, US$5.27m) designing a light fitting made of component parts which can be easily manufactured and disassembled.

The idea behind the Repro-light research project is to create an example of a sustainable luminaire whose parts are upgradable and recyclable.

It’s hoped that lighting manufacturers will follow the example of this “luminaire of the future” in an attempt to change the image of a LED fixture “from a disposable object into a customizable and sustainable product.”

The ambitious Repro-light project aspires to “successfully initiate a transformation of the European LED lighting industry by the year 2020.” The background to the project is the “fierce competition from Asia” while at the same time prices for LED luminaires are rapidly falling.

By developing an intelligent LED-based luminaire with a modular, stackable architecture the project seeks to change the industry’s view of the LED luminaire as a generic, disposable object into a customized product with high functional value.

It hopes to use “innovative technologies and materials” to forgo wiring and make luminaires “stackable.” It is hoped that the modular design and the development of a smart production scheme will substantially reduce costs and manufacturing time as well as their environmental impact.