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EU rules to enforce USB-C chargers for all portable devices

EU rules to enforce USB-C chargers for all portable devices

In September of 2021 it was announced that the European commission will be looking to force manufacturers to create a universal charging solution for phones and small electronic devices with the aim of encouraging consumers to re-use existing chargers when buying a new device to reduce waste. USB-C chargers is the suggestion moving forward.

This has already been seen to have been actioned with the newer models of the iPad and MacBook using USB-C charging ports & popular Android manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei having this port on their phones.

The suggested rules will apply to the following devices:

  • smartphones
  • tablets
  • cameras
  • headphones
  • portable speakers
  • handheld video game consoles

This may not include products such as earbuds, smart-watches and fitness trackers for technical reasons linked to size and use conditions.

In our industry, top brands are already getting ready for this changeover. Examples can be found in brands we stock such as the Trendi Switch 2 Gang Type A & C USB 3100mA Modern Designer Plug Socket which is currently available in over 20 colours or the Varilight 2 Gang 13A Switched Socket with 1x USB A & 1x USB C Charging Ports to name a few.

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