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The Internet Retailer in 2024

The Internet Retailer in 2024

As our customers know, the products we offer and mostly in the electrical accessory industry. This industry over the last decade as seen a lot of change in the way that products are sold to the market whether it be by rsellers that offer a selection of products on marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay to the big brands that offer guaranteed quality and range.

In todays blog we want to highlight some of these big brands we still offer today and their benifits.



One of the leading manufacturers of electrical accessories in our industry. Varilight has the knowledge, that many other brands borrow in their own products to change the way our customers view lighting & decor in their homes. To name a few features that they offer, customer firstly get the choice of plate style:

A classic bevelled edge which can be great for the older homes with shallower walls for example to upgrade the look from their basic white plastics switches which most probably came with their homes.

A screwless finish for the more modern home where a slimmer profile and concealed screws can really give customers that cleaner finish we all hope for.

And finally the ultraflat plate for the users with the perfectly smooth walls that just wants everything to flow.

Varilight also offer the latest in leading lighting technology with the V-Pro dimmer, perfect for controlling the light output of your dimmable LED light bulbs and released in 2023 their V-Pro smart range that brings Alexa/Google Home control to you at an affordable price.

Other products in their range include Rocker, Toggle, Touch or Rotary light switches, plug sockets with or without USB Type A and/or Type C for charging your smart devices, av sockets and many many more in over 30 colours and finishes. Check out their full range here.


Oaks Lighting

A family run company established over 40 years. Oaks lighting has always been to produce quality light fittings with the aim to innovate in designs at produce at a competitive prices.

With their vast collection of decorative fitting, they have something to hopefully fill all our customers requirement at home from their range of Bathroom fitting, to wall lights or and grand as chandeleirs.

Below are a selection of some of the favbourite fittings we have seen pass through our warehouse in the last few years:

To see Oaks lighting full range click here

Trendi Switch

The younger of our top ranges but making their mark quickly on the lighting accessory market. They have arrived to change the way we look at our lighting design needs. Moving away from the traditional rocker to their slim sleek design. Screwless face plates with colours to match customers home decors and make them the talk of their friends and family.

With over 20 colours to choose from including such top sellers as Ice White, Copper, Bright teals, brushed steels to name a few & technology inclusive of USB charging and LED dimming you would be sure to finish of your room of choice perfectly.

They also have future proofing of their products and cost saving to their customer in mind. With the option to change the colour of your plates with ease as customers with the mechanisms already installed can just purchase the new plates they require and swap them themselves.

To see their full range of products click here or if you have already made the #switchtoTrendi & just need to give you home a colour refresh click here

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